Fitnus Smartwatch Review: A Comprehensive Look at its Features and Performance

Fitnus Smartwatch review

A week later I am going to do Fitnus smartwatch review. Health is an essential thing in our life but with our busy life schedules, we sometimes miss our daily goals. If you want to solve that problem you use a fitness tracker that will help us to stay on track and motivate us to reach our fitness goal. Well turns out “Fitnus Smartwatch and fitness tracker is offering just that and more. So I decided to test it out for a week.

When you receive the Fitnus Smartwatch, in the box you will find the (1.)watch with a (2.) tend strap and a (3.)USB charger with (4.)some paperwork.

Fitnus Smartwatch review the Features

Fitnus Smartwatch features
Fitnus Smartwatch

For under $ 50, the Fitnus Smartwatch is offering a fitness tracker with a heart rate sensor, blood pressure monitoring, oxygen levels, body temperature monitoring, and more. On the smartwatch side, it is offering a daily steps counter, calories burned, and sleep monitoring, with the help of the dedicated free app ( Runmifit ) you can unlock some more valuable features. The app is available for both Android and ios.


Design and Build Quality

The main body of the watch is made of plastic material and the strap is made of rubber(elastomer). Both sides of the Fitnus Smartwatch are a bit rounded so it doesn’t have any unpleasant gap on its side and the rubber strap is comfortable. It looks very stylish on the hand.


The Fitnus Smartwatch has a large 1.3″ HD color display that is pleasant to look at but it could have been bigger and it does not get super bright. So it might be hard to tell the time outside in the direct sun.

Battery Life

fitnus smartwatch
fitnus smartwatch

It has a small battery that the company claims it can run for 14 days but in real-life use with all the functions on it will serve you for 5-7 days. It gets 0 to 100 in 2 hours and 57 minutes. The magnetic USB charger was easy to charge it with so you won’t have to open the staps to charge it.

Health and Fitness

fitnus smartwatch
fitnus smartwatch

Using a Fitnus smartwatch is to help you in your day-to-day activity and provide you with a numeric value so you can take proper decisions. Every sensor of Fitnus smartwatch will help to track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and all part of your body activity. The Fitnus Smartwatch with the dedicated app ( Runmifit ) can be used to archive your health data

Smart features

You can use the Fitnus Smartwatch to control your music and it can also be used as a wireless shutter button. You can use the Fitnus Smartwatch to ring your phone if you can’t find it. The Fitnus Smartwatch has a call receive and cancel function you can’t talk with it but you can receive or decline the call. It can also update you with all the notifications on your device.

Know about Fitnus smartwatch for seniors

Fitnus Smartwatch review the Performance

Fitnus Smartwatch performance
Fitnus Smartwatch

Being a budget option for a smartwatch I did get what I pay for. But in some ways, the Fitnus Smartwatch did manage to surprise me. Like it can really hold itself under a few fits of water without any problem.

User Experience

The Fitnus Smartwatch is very easy to operate. The touch screen is easy to navigate despite being small. But the connection between the app and the watch is not optimized and the numbers of the watch face are lacking at the moment.

Integration with other devices and apps

The Fitnus Smartwatch can be used independently with any device android or ios via Bluetooth. But extra features can only be accessed via the dedicated app.

Value for money

Before using the Fitnus Smartwatch review I used the whoop smartwatch and apple watch-6 they both are more expensive than the fitnus smartwatch. They both had a bigger display than this and the display quality on them was much better than this as well. Whoop smartwatch had a much more accurate pedometer than Fitnus Smartwatch and the apple watch design is much more appreciated in the community.

 Pros and Cons of Fitnus Smartwatch

For being a budget option, the Fitnus Smartwatch is very easy to use so the elderly could use it to their benefit. And zen Z’s can make full use of the stylish design without worrying about losing an expensive item. And making your phone ring with the push of a button is a very useful feature that will come in very handy. If it can fix the connection issue with an update then it will be a sweet deal.


This is a very low-cost smartwatch I have ever seen that’s why in the market this has no competitor. Its price is less than $50. Its have some clever features that track your body accurately. In this low budget getting good features is rare. The Fitnus Smartwatch is a good option if you’re really on a limited budget or just want to try something different and fashionable.

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