Smartwatch D20 Macaron: A Colorful and Affordable Wearable

Smartwatch D20 Macaron

Check out the Smartwatch D20 Macaron if you’re seeking a budget-friendly device that can track your fitness and health. The popular Y68/D20 smartwatch has been improved with a larger screen and additional color options in this model. This blog post will provide an overview of the features of the D20 Macaron smartwatch.

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Design and display

Smartwatch D20 Macaron

The plastic shell and square form of the smartwatch D20 Macaron have rounded corners. It has a removable silicone strap and is lightweight and pleasant to wear. It has no buttons or crowns, and a touch button beneath the screen is used to execute all tasks.

A 1.44-inch TFT screen with a 240 × 240-pixel resolution serves as the screen. It can display a variety of watch faces that you may personalize and has good colors and brightness. To traverse menus and make selections, you must push the touch button because the screen is not entirely touch-sensitive.

The color is the primary characteristic of the smartwatch D20 Macaron. There are at least eight pastel color variants available for it, including black, light blue, gray, yellow, pink, green, white, and dark blue. You may pick a hue based on what it says about your mood and style.

The D20 Macaron smartwatch is moreover IP67 waterproof, which means it can endure splashes and rain but not swim or take a shower. Moreover, the watch includes a direct USB charging capability, allowing you to charge it by just taking off the strap and inserting it into any available USB port.

Functions and features

Smartwatch D20 Macaron

The D20 Macaron wristwatch includes a number of features and capabilities that may help you track your fitness and overall health while also receiving alerts from your smartphone. It can utilize Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your phone and the FitPro app to transfer data and settings.

The wristwatch D20 Macaron has the following characteristics and capabilities, among others:

– Heart rate monitor: It can measure your heart rate continuously or manually, and show you the data on the watch or the app.

– Blood pressure monitor: It can measure your blood pressure anytime, anywhere, and show you the data on the watch or the app.

– Blood oxygen monitor: It can measure your blood oxygen level (SpO2) anytime, anywhere, and show you the data on the watch or the app.

– Sleep monitor: It can track your sleep quality and duration, and show you the data on the watch or the app.

– Pedometer: It can count your steps, distance, and calories burned throughout the day, and show you the data on the watch or the app.

– Sports modes: It has 3 sports modes for running, abdominal exercise, and skipping rope. It can record your time, calories burned, heart rate, and other data for each mode.

– Alarm clock: It can set up to 3 alarms on the watch or the app, and vibrate to wake you up or remind you of something.

– Music control: It can control your music player on your phone by playing/pausing songs or changing tracks.

– Camera control: It can remotely control your phone’s camera by taking photos or videos.

– Notifications: It can receive notifications from your phone for calls, messages, social apps, weather updates, etc. You can read them on the watch or reject them by long pressing.

– Watch faces: It has more than 500 watch faces that you can choose from on the app or download more online.

 Pros and cons

Smartwatch D20 Macaron

The smartwatch D20 Macaron is a budget-friendly wearable that offers many features for its price. However, it also has some drawbacks that you should consider before buying it. Here are some of the pros and cons of the smartwatch D20 Macaron:


– Colorful and stylish design

– Bigger screen than the previous version

– Heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitoring

– Sleep tracking and pedometer

– Bluetooth calling and notifications

– Music control and camera control

– More than 500 watch faces

Smartwatch D20 Macaron


– Screen not fully touch-sensitive

– Screen made of acrylic that can scratch easily

– Sensors not very accurate

– No GPS or NFC functions

– No camera or music storage

– Not suitable for swimming or showering


The D20 Macaron wristwatch is a stylish and entertaining wearable that may assist you in monitoring your fitness and overall health as well as receiving alerts from your smartphone. It boasts a larger screen, a vibrant design, and plenty of functionality for the money. It also has various restrictions in terms of longevity, usefulness, and accuracy. It could be worth a shot if you’re searching for an affordable, straightforward wristwatch that can do basic functions. But, you might want to seek elsewhere if you want a smartwatch that is more dependable and capable of doing more tasks.


What is the smartwatch D20 Macaron?

 The popular Y68/D20 wristwatch has been updated into the D20 Macaron smartwatch, which has a larger screen and additional color choices. It is a budget-friendly wearable that can monitor your health and fitness and get notifications from your smartphone.

What are the features of the smartwatch D20 Macaron?

The D20 Macaron wristwatch boasts a number of functions, including an alarm clock, audio and camera controls, alerts, and more than 500 watch faces. It also monitors heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and steps taken.

How do I charge the smartwatch D20 Macaron?

With the direct USB charging option of the wristwatch D20 Macaron, you can simply take off the strap and put the watch into any USB port to charge it. It takes 40 minutes to completely charge.

 How do I connect the smartwatch D20 Macaron to my phone?

The Bluetooth 4.0 connection between the wristwatch D20 Macaron and your phone allows it to sync data and settings via the FitPro app. To connect the watch to your phone, you must first download the FitPro app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and scan the QR code in the watch’s manual or on the back of the device.

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