Souyie Smartwatch: A Review

Souyie smartwatch

Check out the Souyie smartwatch if you’re seeking a smartwatch that blends design, usability, and price. Although this product is new to the market, people have already given it a lot of favorable comments. We’ll go over the specs, benefits, and drawbacks of the Souyie smartwatch in this post to help you determine if it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Features of the souyie smartwatch

Souyie smartwatch

The 1.8-inch HD display on the Souyie smartwatch exhibits sharp and vibrant colors. You can personalize the watch face and make changes to the touch-sensitive, responsive screen. The aluminum alloy used to make the watch casing is strong and light. TPU silicone, the material used to make the watch band, is flexible and easy to wear.

The Souyie Bluetooth calling feature is one of its primary selling factors. Without pulling out your phone, you may make and receive calls right from your wrist. You may use your watch hands-free by using the voice assistant feature to set alarms, check the weather, play music, and other things.

Several health and fitness features, including a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, temperature monitor, and sleep monitor, are also included in this smartwatch. Your everyday activities, including steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and sports modes, can be tracked. Reminders to drink more water and walk more can also be programmed.

With an IP67 waterproof rating, the Souyie smartwatch can survive splashes, rain, and sweat. Nevertheless, swimming and diving are not permitted. The watch has a battery life of approximately 7 days in standby mode and 2 days in regular use. It comes with a magnetic USB cord that you can use to charge it.

Some of the features of the Souyie smartwatch are:

Souyie smartwatch
  • – A 1.7-inch or 1.8-inch HD display that shows clear and vivid colors
  • – A Bluetooth calling feature that allows you to make and receive calls from your wrist
  • – A voice assistant feature that lets you control your watch with voice commands
  • – A health and fitness tracking system that monitors your body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep quality, and more
  • – A variety of sports modes that track your steps, calories, distance, and other exercise data
  • – An IP67 waterproof rating that protects it from splashes, rain, and sweat
  • – A long battery life that lasts for several days on standby mode and 2 days in normal use

You can learn more about the features of the Souyie smartwatch from some of the web search results below¹:

  • – SOUYIE 2022 Smart Watch for Men and Women with Bluetooth Call, IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker with 1.7″ HD LCD, Blood Pressure Heart Rate Temperature Sleep Monitor for Android and iOS Phones
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Price of the Souyie smartwatch

Souyie smartwatch

The price of the Souyie smartwatch varies depending on the model, color, and seller. According to some of the web search results below1, the price range is from $64.99 to $99.99.

-SOUYIE 2022 Smart Watch for Men and Women with Bluetooth Call, IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker, and 1.7 “Monitors with HD Screens for Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Temperature for Android and iOS Phones ($64.99)

-SOUYIE Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling, 1.8-inch HD LCD, Temperature, Sleep Monitor, and IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker is available for Android and iOS for $69.99.

-SOUYIE Smart Watch with Phone Answer/Dial, 1.85 for both sexes “The HD Display Blood Pressure Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, 3ATM Waterproof Fitness Tracker Pedometer, for compatibility with Android and iOS phones, costs $99.99.

You can also compare the prices and features of other similar products in the shopping search results below:

  • Fitpolo Smart Watch 1.3 inches Color Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof Step Calorie Counter Sleep Monitoring, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor ($33.09)
  • Purple Verizon Care Smartwatch ($149.99)
  • Men’s Rainbuvvy 4G Smart Watch (Silver, 3GB+32GB) with a 2.86-inch screen, Android 7.1, and a 5MP camera costs $189.99.

Pros and cons of the Souyie smartwatch

Souyie smartwatch


  • Both men and women will appreciate the Souyie smartwatch’s sleek and sophisticated appearance.
  • A sizable and crystal-clear display on the Souyie smartwatch provides all the information you want.
  • With the Bluetooth calling feature of the Souyie wristwatch, you can place and receive calls right from your wrist.
  • With the voice assistant function of the Souyie smartwatch, you may operate your watch with simple speech commands.
  • You can keep track of your health and fitness with the Souyie smartwatch’s extensive monitoring system.
  • The IP67 waterproof certification of the Souyie smartwatch guards against water damage.
  • Long-lasting battery power powers the Souyie smartwatch for several days.


  • The GPS and NFC features that some customers would anticipate from a smartwatch are absent from the Souyie model.
  • Third-party apps and social networking platform alerts are not supported by the Souyie wristwatch.
  • Neither rapid charging nor wireless charging is supported by the Souyie smartwatch.


Anybody looking for a straightforward but useful wristwatch that can make calls, track health and fitness statistics, and provide voice assistant capabilities might consider the Souyie. In comparison to other similar items on the market, it is also inexpensive. But, you might want to go elsewhere if you want a more sophisticated wristwatch that can handle GPS, NFC, third-party apps, and alerts.


How do I charge and activate the Souyie smartwatch?

 The magnetic USB cable that is included in the packaging must be used to connect to the metal point on the watch’s back. The other end of the cable may be connected to a USB port on a computer or a USB charger. When the watch is completely charged, it will turn on.

How do I connect the Souyie smartwatch to my phone?

 You must enable Bluetooth on your phone and download and install the “FitCloudPro” app. The next step is to launch the app and either search for the device name “SOUYIE” or scan the QR code on the watch. The watch must then be paired with and bound to your phone at that point.

How do I make and receive calls with the Souyie smartwatch?

 The watch must be Bluetooth-connected to your phone to receive authorization to view your contacts list and call history. The call interface will then appear once you swipe left on the watch screen. You can choose a contact from your address book or dial a number. Tap the green or red button on the watch’s display to accept or decline incoming calls.

How do I use the voice assistant feature on the Souyie smartwatch?

To activate the voice assistant, press and hold the power button on the side of the watch for two seconds. The watch will then hear your instruction or query. The watch will reply by speaking feedback or taking the appropriate action.

 How do I track my health and fitness data with the Souyie smartwatch?

 On the watch screen, slide up or down to access various features including temperature, sleep, sports modes, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and more. With the “FitCloudPro” app for your phone, you can also see your previous data and trends. Goals and reminders for drinking more water and doing more exercise can also be established.

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