The Bella Smartwatch: A Stylish and Functional Accessory for Women

the bella smartwatch

The Bella smartwatch is made for women. It is the most beautiful smartwatch for women I have ever seen. It looks like a bracelet but on the side, it is a stylish and functional device. 

The Bella smartwatch has a smart stylish adjustable stainless steel band, making it more buyable. It makes their wrist more attractive when they wear the Bella smartwatch on their wrist. It has an 0.96-inch old-model display that shows you the time, date, battery life, and notification from your phone. 

This watch is stylish with valuable and helpful functionality. You can track your sleep, count steps, and monitor your heart rate, and BP monitoring. This watch comes with an adjustable band that fits your wrist as you want. It is also waterproof but some noticeable things also like you can not swim with it but you can keep it on your wrist during a walk in the rain. This smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and you can pair it with your phone and access it via Bella Beate apps. 

Design and Features of Bella Smartwatch

The Bella smartwatch comes with some incredible designs with a stylish chic band. It is the first women’s smartwatch with women’s style and functionality. It has some beautiful colors such as black, golden, and silver. Its smart band is very adjustable with your wrist that’s why during workouts it is giving you very flexibility. The Bella watch is designed as a bracelet, that’s why women’s wrists become more beautiful when keeping it on their wrists.   

The Bella smartwatch design and features

Features of the Bella smartwatch

The Bella smartwatch has all kinds of features that should have a smartwatch with a style design. This is the first women’s watch that develops with style and functionality both. You can track your sleep, count your steps, monitor your heart rate and BP, and have more features that will help you track your health. 

Some of the main functions of the Bella  smartwatch are:

  • Health Tracker: If you are finding a women’s smartwatch that can track health accurately then the Bella smartwatch is the right choice for you. You can count your steps, track your sleep, monitor your heart rate, and more.
  • Sports Mode:  The Bella watch has 8 sports modes such as running, swimming, riding, climbing, basketball, football, walking, and badminton. You can choose according to your needs. You can also record your duration and calories burned by this watch.
  • Notifications Push: You will receive notifications of calls, messages, social media alerts, etc. You can also reject call mute notifications by your watch. With this watch, you can control many things on your phone.
  • Camara: The Bella watch has a camera remort function that helps you to take a photo by shaking your wrist. Even you can take your selfie at the time you are running, cycling, or other exercises to do.
  • IP67 Waterproof: This watch has a 1-meter waterproof capacity for 30 minutes which means you can walk in the rain with it and wash your hand with it but never try to swim or dive with it.
  • Battery Life: This watch has a magnetic charger. you can charge your watch in two hours. It has a 120 mAH battery that can last 77 days on a single charge.

Compatibility and Functionality

The Bella smartwatch compatibility

The Bella smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOs devices. Whatever your phone is you should not worry. You just need to install an app on your phone to get data from The Bella smartwatch. 

You can get notifications for calls, texts, social media, sports modes for various activities, and practical functions like an alarm clock and phone finder.

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pros and cons of the Bella smartwatch

The Bella smartwatch pros and cons


  • Stylish design: this watch has a good design that looks great on the wrist.
  • Fitness tracking: Bella smartwatch has tracking features, including step counting heart rate monitoring, and calorie tracking.
  • Notification: This watch has a stylish and smooth display that can show you notifications for messages, calls, and social media types.
  • Affordable: This is a very affordable watch for women. The market has not much like this stylish and featured watch.


  1. Limited features: Yes, it has limited features according to another smartwatch.
  2. Short battery life: Bella Smartwatch needs to improve its battery durability.


The Bella smartwatch is more than just a stylish accessory. It has very good features with a stylish look that can measure your body’s health accurately. It also connected to your phone and sends data to your phone and you can shear it also. This watch is specially made for women. They can also check their period time with this watch.

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