Why You Should Consider a Large-Screen Smartwatch in 2023 

large-screen smartwatch

The functions of a Large-Screen Smartwatch go beyond that of a watch and a fitness monitor. Additionally, they are little computers with many of the same characteristics as smartphones, such as the capacity for making calls, sending messages, browsing the internet, playing games, and more. However, to use these features, you’ll need a smartwatch with a huge, sharp display that can show you more information and make it easier to interact with. 

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Benefits and functionality of large screen smartwatch

large-screen smartwatch

A smartwatch with a display size of at least 1.5 inches or greater is referred to as having a big screen. Compared to smaller ones, these smartwatches feature several advantages, including: 

  • Greater visibility More information and icons may be displayed on a large-screen wristwatch, enhancing reading and navigating. Additionally, you may adjust the text’s brightness and size to suit your tastes and environment.  
  • More functionality: A large-screen wristwatch can run more programs and features than a smaller one since it has more capacity for them. A virtual keyboard or voice input may be used with a large-screen wristwatch to type messages or search queries, which is not possible with a smaller one.  
  • Because a wide-screen wristwatch offers more room to display your watch face and widgets, it may provide you access to more personalization options. You may choose from a range of bands and cases in various styles to go with your outfit and mood. 
  • Additional entertainment options: A large-screen smartwatch can play movies, games, music, and podcasts on its enormous display, in contrast to a smaller smartwatch. You may also use a Bluetooth speaker or headset to hear the sound quality. 
large-screen smartwatch

If you are looking for a large-screen smartwatch in 2023, here are some of the best options you can consider: 

Product Display Size Features Price 
Apple Watch Series 7 1.78 inches Fall detection, an Always-On OLED Retina display with an Always-On function, an ECG monitor, a blood oxygen sensor, cellular connectivity, GPS, and Siri voice assistant $399 
Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch 1.55 inches Heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, sleep tracker, GPS, and Alexa speech assistant integrated into an AMOLED display. $99 
TICWRIS Android Smart Watch 2.86 inches Full-touch IPS LCD display, Android 7.1 OS, 4G SIM card slot, twin cameras, GPS, and access to the Google Play Store $159 
Motast SmartWatch 2021 1.69 inches Full-touch TFT LCD display, blood pressure and heart rate monitors, sleep trackers, music controls, and camera controls $39 
Deeprio Smart Watch 1.75 inches An IPS LCD display with full touch capabilities, a blood pressure monitor, a sleep tracker, and Bluetooth call functionality$49 
large screen smartphone

As you can see, a large-screen smartwatch is available for every price range and style inclination. You can select one that meets your needs, whether you desire a high-end gadget with cutting-edge health features or a low-cost one with simple capabilities.  

Your lifestyle and productivity can be improved by a large-screen wristwatch since it provides more information and functionality on your wrist. By providing you with additional personalization and entertainment possibilities, it may also improve your smartwatch experience and make it more engaging and exciting. 

Pros and cons of large-screen smartwatch 

large-screen smartwatch


  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle by tracking activity, nutrition, calories burned, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and more 
  • Quick access to notifications, calls, texts, calendar alerts, news alerts, and more without taking out your phone 
  • Never miss a call by feeling the vibration on your wrist and deciding whether to respond or not 
  • The convenience of making cashless payments, sending texts and making calls without your phone (if supported by the watch), and changing watch faces every day 
  • Attractive design with a large, always-on color display that is easy to read and navigate 


  • Limited battery life due to power-hungry features and large display 
  • May be too bulky or heavy for some wrists and not suitable for all occasions 
  • May have compatibility issues with some apps or devices depending on the operating system 
  • May be expensive compared to smaller or simpler smartwatches or fitness trackers 
  • May have a laggy touch screen or slow response time depending on the processor 

So why are you still waiting? In 2023, treat yourself to a large-screen wristwatch and get the advantages of wearing a mini-computer. 


Users who wish to be connected, educated, and healthy will benefit greatly from a large-screen wristwatch. Users may effortlessly view and engage with their alerts, applications, and fitness statistics on a larger display. A large-screen smartwatch's vibrant, customisable, high-resolution display can also improve the user experience. A large-screen smartwatch may also have significant disadvantages, including worse compatibility with specific wrist sizes, more weight, and higher battery usage. Therefore, before selecting a large-screen wristwatch, consumers should think about their own tastes and demands.
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